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Hello, writers and friends!

My name is Caitlin and I am the founder of Edit Ever After. I have been editing  stories for six years now, starting with my campus newspaper and branching out to small businesses and nonprofit work after earning my B.A. in Communication Studies.

I love working with people who have a wonderful message to spread, but need help to say it. I excel at informal, fact-driven articles with a personal touch, but I have experience editing short stories, real estate advertisements, and independent news stories. You can view samples of my work on my personal blog, Daisies and Gratitude, or on my digital portfolio.

Please look at the services page to see what kind of work I can help you with! You can also reach out to me at editeverafter@gmail.com. Thank you for visiting!

In kindness,

Caitlin Elizabeth

Caitlin Elizabeth, founder of Edit Ever After

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