Resume Sample: The Brave Little Tailor

Todd The Adventurer
“Seven In One Blow”


Enterprising and clever entrepreneur who went from laborer to kingdom ruler. Commended for being “brave” and “valiant.” Special skills include tricking giants and ogres, passing complex tests, and marrying princesses.
Location: My Castle, Fairytale Land 
Call: Me King 

Career Highlights

Killed seven in one blow
Bested a giant
Served a king
"Took care" of two troublesome ogres
Married a princess
Inherited a kingdom


Persuasive communication
Angel investing
Strong sense of justice
Fashion design: sewing, mending, tailoring


Maestro Lattantio's School For Tailors
Concentration in embroidery 
Member of Jam and Toastmasters Club


The castle, neighboring kingdom
Rule my kingdom of several hundred with grace and honor, serving as their king, their champion, and their protector
Fund 12 start-up companies per year so other entrepreneurs can follow in my footsteps and leave their day jobs

The road, fairytale land
Outsmarted a giant in 3 tests: squeezed milk from cheese, threw a bird really far, and took a nap on a tree while he carried it around
Dropped some rocks from a tree to pester 2 ogres; resulting in them killing each other

Tailor shop, fairytale land
Fixed, mended, patched, sewed, and tailored other people's clothes (pants, shirts, dresses)
Work overtime to complete projects