Once upon a time, someone had a great idea and wanted to share it with the world. The character wrote down the story, launched a website, or submitted the idea but was met with a less-than-magical response. Does this sound like you? Edit Ever After can help.

I’m Caitlin Elizabeth, owner and editor of Edit Ever After, and I have been helping writers tell their stories for six years. I believe in a kind and collaborative approach to editing, so I will treat your words with the respect they deserve. My specialties are in journalism and professional correspondence, and I love working with health, tech, environmental, and nonprofit topics.

Here are some examples of what the Edit Ever After services can do for you:

  • General grammar and spelling proofreading in English for website copy, blog articles, professional correspondence, and other short-form written communication
  • Resume revamp or a quick resume review
  • Copyediting to improve spelling and grammar, readability, and overall tone and voice, with optional style adherence services for up-to-date APA, MLA, AP, and Chicago style guides

I charge on a per-project basis, in increments of 500 words or single resume documents. Your first draft will come with a one week window for unlimited additional edits!

If you’re interested in Edit Ever After services and would like to request a quote for a special project, please fill out the required fields below or contact me directly at

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